Voices Ep. 10 Occupy: Asylum

Record Date: 11/12/2016

Guests: Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D

Redstar @Redstar309Z (Occupy Auckland media team co-ordinator)

Chris Yong @chrisyong (Internet Party of New Zealand

Note: Audio Quality is terrible. Multiple Guest dropouts caused the 60 minute show (very heavily edited) to take 160 minutes.

Interview Transcript Here 

“A Kiwi journalist and activist whose work has been shared by high profile media organisations and figures worldwide, has applied for temporary asylum in Russia.”

“SUZIE: ….several really worrying law changes that are happening in New Zealand…could really endanger myself and my two young children who are with me. So, I have been forced to apply for asylum because this is the first place that I have found in the last two years where I have been safe, and am not being harassed and stalked and hurt. So I am really grateful for that opportunity.

“TERRY: For people that are new to … Occupy, what was going on against us, there was a news blackout and we all had to start covering the news ourself. Redstar, you were head of your media team at Occupy Auckland and how did Suzie get started with this? Have you seen this kind of harassment?

“RED: I have, I have.”

A couple of months ago, Voices tweeted,  “…no more heroes, no more rock stars – no such thing as an ‘army of one….’” While these guys would be the first to laugh at having the description applied to them, we just had all three on this show. I am proud of them – They Stand!

These are some voices of a movement that will not be stopped


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“…is the NSA currently spying, on members of Congress or other American elected officials?”

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