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Voices Ep. 17 “Democracy Demands the Truth….”

Record Date: 6/3/2017

Guest: Elizabeth Lee Beck

Courtroom illustrations of April 25, 2017 hearing on Defendants’ second Motion to Dismiss (sketched live by Pedro Angel Perez, Jr.)

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Democracy demands the truth so people can make intelligent decisions.”

7 Jaw-Dropping Revelations From Hearings on the Motion to Dismiss the DNC Fraud Lawsuit

Suzi Dawson,  Sourced Article on Kim Dot Com Disinformation

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother suspected of burying Seth Rich DC murder case

“Washington, D.C. lobbyist and attorney Jack Burkman [has filed] a lawsuit Wednesday to force the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to release information regarding the murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich. . .”

“The family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich is calling on the Washington, D.C. police department to go public with details of the murder investigation, after ten months of near-silence from law enforcement officials and as theories continue to spread about the mysterious circumstances of Rich’s shooting death last July.”

June 1, 2017 email filed in court

April 2June 2, 2017 Defendants’ response5, 2017

….@Cullin_OB_Law now getting anon calls, talking about his family, dead prosecutor #berantonwhisenant who lived in same county

One reason you should care about and be watching the with regard to Seth Rich:

Awan Brothers Visas Raise Questions In Wake of Murder of Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.

court hearing transcript

All court filed documents are here