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Voices Ep. 24 Occupy: Millennial Voice

Record Date: 6/20/2018

Simulcast Cohosts:

Terry Bain

David Callihan

Niko House

Founder and CEO of .

Co-Founder Of

Host of Mi Casa Es Su Casa.

Segment 1:Sam Ronan’s Arrest

1st Dashcam in Niko House update showing “chase” and initial interaction
2nd Dashcam on Backup Police Cruiser showing cuffing of Sam
2. You have the right to be told why you are being arrested and the nature of the charges against you (the crime for which you are being arrested). If you are arrested on a warrant, you have the right to see the warrant within a reasonable time after your arrest, to read it and make certain your name appears on it, and to see the charge against you.’
Ohio Codes
Not every state – don’t do this unless you KNOW your rights in your state
Political Background
Observers Claim Political Retribution Motivated Arrest Of Progressive Congressional Candidate

Segment 2: Millennial Politics

DR. JILL STEIN: It was about eight hours. And we were charged only with violations, not even with misdemeanors, and yet they felt compelled, despite having 13 officers there to keep these two women, mothers, handcuffed to chairs for the entire time.”
“…watch the flag….”
Duopoly Politics
Purpose of political party is to serve candidate – not candidate’s purpose to serve party.
History of American two party system
Beard – why second party was created
Big money is always represented (no party/one party)

Economic origins of Jeffersonian Democracy by Beard, Charles Austin, 1874-1948

Two party advantage: winner has majority of votes

DNC fraud lawsuit

The demographics of Occupy Wall Street: By the numbers

71% of Millennials Want to End Two-Party Duopoly

Segment 3: Millennials and Media

“The Myth of Jon Stewart’s Millennials

“I’m a millennial and I love Jon Stewart, but here’s why I think he created a generation of incompetent news consumers

The WikiLeaks-ization of the American Media

Jimmy Dore on comedy and news

Niko House – #Unity4J FULL INTERVIEW – Online Vigil in support of Julian Assange

Edward R Murrow talks about the responsibility of broadcasters